Legacy SFP/SFP+

3G DWDM Duplex SFP+

2.5 & 3.125Gbps, C & L-Band DWDM Channel

Product Key Features

  • Ethernet, SONET/SDH
  • Available Reaches at 20/40/80/120km
  • C & L-Band DWDM Solution (Available for Min. 61ch)
  • Low Power Consumption with Micro TEC
  • Up to 3.125Gbps, 100GHz Spacing
  • Optional : -40~+92°C Case Temperature

Product Specifications

Product Part # Data Rates Wavelength Tx Power Sensitivity Power Consumption Reach Inquire
SFP48-LS2MD-Uxx 2.5Gbps DWDM +2~+6dBm -24.5dBm < 1.6W 40Km
SFP48-TS2MD-Uxx 2.5Gbps DWDM +2~+6dBm -27.0dBm < 1.6W 80Km
SFP48-HS2MD-Uxx 2.5Gbps DWDM +2~+6dBm -29.0dBm < 1.6W 120Km
SFP3G-LS2MD-Uxx 3.125Gbps DWDM +2~+6dBm -24.5dBm < 1.6W 40Km
SFP3G-TS2MD-Uxx 3.125Gbps DWDM +2~+6dBm -27.0dBm < 1.6W 80Km
SFP3G-HS2MD-Uxx 3.125Gbps DWDM +2~+6dBm -29.0dBm < 1.6W 120Km